Garage Door Design Trends for the New Year


As homeowners strive to improve the look of their current homes, the garage has become a regular target for renovation/upgrading. Homeowners are realising that incorporating unique designs into their garage doors gives the home a modern look and attractive touch. Gone are the days when all garage doors were simple white structures that opened up using a manual mechanism. Nowadays, people are experimenting with colours, shapes and sizes. Customisation is becoming increasingly prevalent, and multiple elements of technology are being infused into garage door designs.

12 February 2018

Three Essential Tips for Cleaning Your Metal Garage Doors


Metal garage doors are prominent features in the home. Therefore, their appearance will have an impact on the appeal of the entire building. If they are neglected, they will accumulate dust and unattractive grime, and the material could develop rust and corrosion. Fortunately, you can avoid these problems by cleaning this large residential element on a regular basis. The cleaning process will improve the visual aspects and remove potentially harmful deposits from the surface.

7 February 2018