Quick Tips on Choosing the Best Style of Residential Garage Door


If your home's garage needs a new door, you don't want to avoid getting it replaced; a damaged garage door that leans to one side might be putting added weight on the chains or springs that open it, which could cause them to break. This is very dangerous and could be a costly repair. A garage door also protects everything in the garage from bitter cold and extreme heat and humidity, which then protects metal parts from early rust, and keeps automotive fluids at a proper viscosity. Since there are so many styles and materials from which to choose when it comes to a residential garage door, note a few tips on how to pick the best one for your home's garage.

Panel versus sectional

A panel garage door is one that tilts outward as it opens, whereas a sectional door folds along those sections and rolls along a track installed on the garage ceiling. If your current door is a solid panel that tilts out, it might be good to opt for this same style for your replacement door. Otherwise, you might need to replace the track that the door rolls along when you replace the door itself, adding to the cost of the new door. Sectional doors may also have guards in place that should protect from getting a finger caught between those panels, but if you have children who often play around the garage, it can be good to opt for a panel door, just to ensure their safety.

Insulation and noise

The insulation of any building material is referred to as its R-value; the higher the R-value, the better its overall insulation. If you live in a moderate climate, you may not think you need to invest in a very high R-value for your home's garage door, but that higher R-value also means more protection against outside noise, which is important for an attached garage. A higher R-value also means quieter operation of the garage door as it opens and closes, which might also be something to consider when buying your replacement door.

Spring kit

Many garage doors operate with a spring; this might mean a torsion spring at the centre of the door, or extension springs on either side of the door. If your new garage door has extension springs, be sure they have a containment kit, to keep the springs contained if they should ever break. Some cheaper garage door systems may not have this kit, and this can mean risking serious injury if a spring should break.


20 February 2018

Smoothly Opening, Secure and Fashionable: Garage Door Blogs

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home, but sadly, many homeowners overlook this essential home component. If your garage faces the front of your property, you garage doors have a huge impact on your home's curb appeal. That's one of the reasons why it's important to pick the right style and keep your garage door well maintained. On top of that, your garage door has a direct impact on your home security. If someone can get through that door, they can reach your car, your tools and potentially even a door to the interior of your home. To help you out, these blog is going to contain a wide range of posts on garage door style, maintenance, security and more. Get comfortable and look around. I hope you like what you find.