What Are the Common Reasons For Garage Door Repairs?


There are many different reasons that garage doors no longer open as fully as they once did or that they don't open with the same speed that you are used to. Of course, diagnosing the reason you might need a garage door repair is not the same as fixing it, but it will mean you are better placed to sort the issue out. In many cases, it is worth calling on a specialist for garage door repairs in your area. However, you might still find that minor problems can be sorted out on your own if you can identify the cause of the issue. What are the main reasons that garage door repairs are needed?

Faulty Springs

This is a very common fault among garage door mechanisms. For the most part, the spring will have become faulty because it has been overstretched with too much force being applied to it. As Hooke's Law teaches, this means it won't go back to its original shape. Faults can occur simply because of the age of the spring in use. Springs do not last forever, after all. Replacing them is possible without special tools, but it is best to proceed with caution in case the springs pop back at you. Wear gloves and eye protection.

Misaligned Tracks

Automatic garage door repairs often boil down to identifying at which point in the movement of a door there is a fault. Bent tracks are relatively easy to spot with both vertically opening and horizontal automated garage doors. However, a little misalignment between a set of vertically operated doors can cause all sorts of problems with the door folding up onto itself. These are notoriously difficult to diagnose and right, so seek professional guidance. Adjusting your guide tracks without any obvious sign of misalignment could make the problem worse.

Electrical Faults

These days, many garage motor repairs do not involve replacing expensive hardware but boil down to electrical faults. Replacing a motor might solve the problem, but it could be an expensive option if the fault lies with a battery that is discharging itself without trickle charging back up. You might even end up replacing the motor several times before finding out that it is the electrical system at fault. Therefore, garage motor repairs should only be conducted after an electrical inspection has been carried out and such faults have been ruled out. As well as dead batteries, frayed wiring and loose connections can all cause seemingly major faults to occur.


16 September 2021

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