Which Types of Garage Doors Need the Least Maintenance?


When you're having a new home or garage built, or need to buy a new door and opening system for your current garage, you may want the type and style that needs the least amount of maintenance over time. This is important to consider, as a poorly-maintained garage door can be loud and slow to operate, or may not open and close evenly. Garage doors are also exposed to lots of direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions, often causing damage to their exterior surface, requiring recoating and other such repair work. If you're looking for a strong and durable garage door, but one that doesn't need much maintenance over time, note a few details to consider.

Weight and operation

The heavier a garage door, the more stress it will put on its chains or spring every time it opens or closes, so a lightweight garage door can then mean less maintenance on the opening system over time. A fibreglass garage door is often the lightest choice, but if you don't like the artificial look and feel of this material, opt for a metal or wood door with an outside skin. This refers to a thin layer of either of these materials, applied over a foam core or interior, creating a type of "sandwich." This will be lighter than a solid wood or metal door, while still offering you the look you want on the outside and inside of the door itself.

A roller door, either one that rolls up into a cassette above the door or one with panels that fold up on hinges as the door opens, also usually means less wear and tear on the door's opening mechanism. Roller doors disperse the weight of the door more evenly than a tilt-up style, so there is less drag on the door's chains and springs, and less wear on the motor. To avoid early repair of the garage door opener, opt for a roller door rather than a tile-up style.


Since a garage door is exposed to harsh elements, including hot sunlight and driving rain, consider the material of its exterior. Wood will probably need the most maintenance, as wood will shrink and expand over time, and the colour of stained or painted wood is prone to fading. Unless you live in a very moderate climate and your home's garage door is protected by shade trees, you might opt for metal or fibreglass instead of wood, for the least amount of maintenance to a door's exterior.


13 March 2018

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