When It's Time to Call for Garage Door Repair


Your home's garage door doesn't need to outright fail to operate in order for it to need repairs, as there are often many signs that the door and its mechanical parts need some attention long before it just gets stuck. Having the door serviced when you notice any of these issues can then mean keeping it in good working order, and avoiding more expensive repair bills in the future. Note a few signs that it may be time to at least have a garage door repairperson inspect your home's garage door for needed repairs.

"Jerks" to open or close

A garage door should open and close very smoothly, so if you notice that the door suddenly seems to "jerk" when engaged, meaning it makes sudden movements in order to start operating, this can mean the chains or springs need repair. If those pieces are rusted, bent, or otherwise damaged, the door may make these sudden movements to get past those rusted areas, or to allow these metal pieces to start moving altogether.

The track that holds the door in place may also be bent, rusted or damaged. This area of the track may be causing resistance against the door, so it needs to force its way past that damaged area. In turn, you'll see the door "jerk" or move in a sudden motion to get past that broken or damaged area. Don't overlook having this repair done, as that jerking movement can put added pressure on the springs and chains, and pull the track away from the door, causing more damage.


Scraping sounds usually mean the chains or the spring controlling the door are rusted; this rust can get so severe that the chains and springs don't bend or flex, which can then cause them to snap. If the sound is originating from the track of the door, this can also be rusted, or there may be debris inside the track that is creating this scraping sound as the door runs over it. This can cause drag on the door, which then puts pressure on the chains and springs as they operate, causing them to stretch and lose tension and flexibility.

If the door bangs when it opens or closes, this can mean that the weather-stripping around the door, which helps to cushion it as it moves into place, is worn and needs replacing. This banging can put pressure and stress on the door's mechanical piece, and on the door itself, so don't overlook having that weather-stripping or any cushioning pieces of the door replaced as needed.


23 February 2018

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