Looking for Suggestions for Unique Garage Doors?


A home's garage door is mainly functional, securing items in the garage and providing insulation against outside humidity and extremes in temperature. However, this doesn't mean a garage door needs to be boring! You can dress up a garage door and add some instant curb appeal to your home, or at least keep the garage from looking overly industrial and dull, if you consider just a few simple suggestions for a new garage door.


Wood garage doors are usually made of one solid panel or a few horizontal, hinged sections. To have a wood door that's more unique, consider a tilt-up door made of lots of thin horizontal slats, so that the door resembles timber flooring! Keep the slats unpainted and just add stain, allowing the individual tones and colours of the wood to shine through. This look is especially good for breaking up the look of aluminium siding around a home or garage, as it adds lots of natural charm and character to the door.

You can also have a custom paint job done to the front of a wood door! An artist can paint a seascape, sunset, your initials, a motivational saying or anything else you want on the door, for something unique and personal.


A glass garage door can add a great modern touch to your home. This glass can be frosted or otherwise tinted so that no one can see inside your garage, or you can leave it clear if you like to show off your vehicle even while it's locked away!

A garage door manufacturer can often make a garage door of glass sections and panels that are fitted together; these sections can be various colours and shades, and the framing can help break up the look of the glass, for something very unique. Interior lighting can illuminate the glass from the backside, also adding a custom look to your home's garage door!

Metal face

If you opt for a metal face for a garage door, you have a number of options for creating something that looks very unique. You might choose a punched metal so that you can incorporate scrollwork or other shapes into the door's face. A unique metal like burnished copper can also make your home's garage door stand out. Hammered metal has a very rustic look, as the hammering technique makes metal look old and worn. This gives a garage door depth and dimension and a very individualized style.


19 March 2018

Smoothly Opening, Secure and Fashionable: Garage Door Blogs

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your home, but sadly, many homeowners overlook this essential home component. If your garage faces the front of your property, you garage doors have a huge impact on your home's curb appeal. That's one of the reasons why it's important to pick the right style and keep your garage door well maintained. On top of that, your garage door has a direct impact on your home security. If someone can get through that door, they can reach your car, your tools and potentially even a door to the interior of your home. To help you out, these blog is going to contain a wide range of posts on garage door style, maintenance, security and more. Get comfortable and look around. I hope you like what you find.