2 Circumstances When You May Need to Call in a Garage Door Service Technician


Your garage plays an important role when it comes to protecting your vehicles from potential thieves and vandals as well as harsh weather elements. To function effectively, every garage requires a well-installed door. If the garage door installation isn't done properly, there is a high chance the door will break down at any moment. 

To prevent potential garage door failures, it is important to ensure your garage door is installed professionally, but also routinely maintained by a qualified garage door maintenance and repair technician. However, your garage door may still act up even if it is well-cared for, so it is important that you know when to call in a garage door technician to check the door. 

If you encounter any of the following problems with your garage door, do not hesitate to seek assistance from a garage door technician.

Garage door fails to open and close normally

If you encounter any problems with your garage door when you are opening or closing it, you shouldn't disregard the problem. If the door gets stuck during operation, it is most likely that something is blocking the track. Fixing the door may be as easy as clearing the obstruction in the track. Poor lubrication may be another likely reason behind your jammed garage door. Simply lubricating the track and other metal components of the door with the right type of lubricant can get your door operating normally again. 

Clearing debris and other forms of obstructions from the track of a garage door and lubricating the door are simple fixes that any DIY enthusiast can perform. However, if the problem with your garage door operation is more complex than you can handle, it is best to call in a certified garage door technician. For example, it is wise to hire a professional when your garage door operation woes are as a result of poor connections between the door and the control panel. 

If your garage door opener fails to work

When your garage door opener is working properly, it should respond to commands sent from the wall-mounted switch on the garage wall or remote-controlled door opener. Most modern garage doors are equipped with both door control systems, with the hard-wired garage wall switch working as a back-up system for the remote control. If your remote control doesn't work, but the switch on your garage wall works, it means your remote is faulty. 

If you change batteries but the remote still doesn't work, you may need to purchase a new device. On the other hand, if both the remote control and the wall-mounted switch fail to work, you may need to have your garage door opener checked by a professional garage door technician. 

For more information on garage door repair, consult a certified garage door service technician.


14 February 2018

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