Three preventative maintenance tips for garage door owners


Garage doors are important because they not only keep your vehicles and other equipment secure, but also secure the rest of the home. It is a little sad that garage doors do not get the attention and maintenance that they deserve. As a result of poor maintenance, your doors end up lasting less than they should and at times, costing you as the homeowner a lot of money in repairs and replacement. What most homeowners fail to realise is that they can preserve their garage doors by following simple preventative maintenance tips.

Always be on the lookout

The first indicator that a garage door is not working as it should is usually the sounds that it makes when being operated. Observe your door carefully when operating it. Check whether there are certain parts which are moving jerkily. Listen to the sounds the door makes and figure out whether it operates quietly or it is making strange noises such as grinding and scraping noises. Check whether the springs and pulleys are symmetrical. All these things will be tell-tale signs indicating whether the door is working well or it needs to be replaced.

Inspect and replace the rollers

The rollers are very crucial to the operation of the garage door. Garage door rollers are made from a number of materials from nylon to aluminium. You are supposed to make sure that the rollers are checked and replaced at least twice a year. If the door is used more frequently than two or three times in a day, it will be wise to replace the rollers more often.

Lubricating the moving parts

Garage doors wear out a lot because of friction. If you want all the parts of your door to keep operating well all year round, you have to lubricate the moving parts with lithium grease or a spray lubricant. In addition to lubricating the moving parts, always monitor the cables which lift the door. When mishandled, these cables move with so much force that they can maim and cause a lot of other destruction.

In addition to these tips, make sure that you always check the auto reverse features of the door and clear the garage door tracks to keep its operations smooth. Finally, always make sure that you have groomed your garage door  by washing it regularly. It is during washing that you can find out the parts of the door which are not working properly. If there are parts which have stopped working even after the maintenance, call in a garage door repair expert to diagnose and fix the problem.


22 February 2018

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