A Few Details to Look For When Choosing Outdoor Sheds


A small outdoor shed that you use to just store a lawnmower and other such tools may be easy to choose and even put together yourself. However, when you need a larger shed, such as for holding a tractor, farming supplies and even livestock, you may need to take more time to shop and compare options and features. This type of shed may need added support, insulation and of course room to store that equipment as well. Note a few details to look for when choosing large sheds so you know you'll get the right type and style for your needs in particular.

Metal versus vinyl

Metal sheds are very durable and may have a more traditional appearance than vinyl, so they may look better overall. However, metal can easily conduct heat and cold, so you might need to invest in interior insulation if you need a shed to store grain or to house livestock. Heat and cold can affect the composition of grains and cereals, and of course animals are also affected by extremes in temperature.

Vinyl doesn't conduct temperature as easily as metal, so you may be able to forego interior insulation with a vinyl shed. The downside of vinyl is that it may look a bit more artificial and even downright cheap. Also, it's difficult to drill into vinyl if you should want to add features to your shed in the future. Metal can be drilled, cut, and otherwise fabricated to accommodate shelving, wiring and other features you might want to install after the shed is erected.


A large shed usually needs a larger door, so note the clearance needed for a swing-out variety. Not only will the door need to be free of obstructions, but any type of uneven ground can get in the way of the door moving freely. An overhead roller door may be a better option, depending on the shed and door size and its location, and even the overall ground and soil around it.

Interior structure

Some sheds need interior poles to help support the framework, and you need to consider if any such support would get in the way of a tractor or anything else in the shed. You might want to opt for a larger shed with a roof truss, which can help support the framework without added beams and columns. This can open up the footprint of the shed and ensure you have adequate room for your tractor and everything else.


23 February 2018

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