5 Signs That Your Garage Door Motor Needs Repair


Your garage door is probably well-used. You likely open it more than twice a day. Imagine how many times you open it in one month. It is important to remember the value of the garage door motor. Without it, you won't be opening that door at all.

How do you know if your garage door motor needs repair or replacement? Here are some common signs. 

Excess Noise When Opening and Closing

As your garage door ages, the motor in the opener will strain to pull the garage door open. If you notice that the noise it makes is more than usual, it is definitely time to call a professional. Look out for a creaking, clanking or squeaking sound. 

If it becomes exceedingly noisy, it could be a warning that your garage door is about to snap.

Sluggish Garage Door Movement

This is a garage door abnormality that is hard to miss. Strange noises and shaky movements are alarming. However, a sluggish movement could show a much bigger problem that can cause danger to your vehicle, kids, pets and even yourself if left unattended. 

While a garage door should not move at extreme speed, if you notice that it is taking longer to rise than it did when you first installed it, it is a sign that your motor is having a challenge in lifting the weight of the door and could use some repair, servicing or replacement. 

Failure to Open

Your garage door could fail to open for several reasons. If it is winter, the door could freeze to the floor. However, if you hear the motor trying to open without the garage door moving at all, most likely, the issue is the motor. While you could try simple solutions like changing the batteries to the opener, most times, you will need a new motor. 


Sometimes, your garage door could stop working randomly and need a few moments before it starts up. This could be a sign that your ageing or under-powered motor is causing your garage door opener to overheat. You need to call for a garage door repair service immediately. 

Old Technology

If your garage door keeps breaking down and needing small repairs, it could be a sign of old technology finally falling short. Don't wait for a broken garage door motor to keep you from accessing your car. Call a professional as soon as possible to inspect your garage door motor for any servicing or repair needs. If it needs replacement, this is a good time to do it.

Don't wait for the destructive effects of a faulty garage door. Have a professional inspect your garage door motor regularly for any repair needs and keep an eye out for these signs. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers garage door motor repair services.


18 June 2020

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