How to Repair Your Garage Door


The garage is one of the most important part of a house when it comes to the safety of your car. It protects your vehicle and other belongings, and for this to happen, it's quite obvious that its door must be fully functional and easy to operate. Whether the garage door rolls up in sections or swings up in one piece, these doors move along tracks that are made of metal and can easily break down if not handled with proper care. Also, heavy springs help in pulling up the door, which in some cases fails to function properly. Should this happen to you, here are a few tips on how to repair your garage door.

Check the metal tracks

The first place to look at would be the mounting brackets that help in holding the tracks to the wall. If any of the bolts or screws are loose, make sure to tighten them and watch out for any of them that may have broken or without proper thread to hold. This should be done while the garage door is closed so that the tracks are clear to check for dents and flat spots. Any minor damages to the metal track should be pounded with a rubber mallet. A metallic hammer may also be used but with a block of wood to avoid further damage. However, if the damage to the track is extensive, consider replacing it.

Balance the tracks

The next step would be checking the tracks with a level tool to make sure that they are aligned properly. For the door to function correctly, the horizontal tracks should be slightly slanted down. On the other hand, if your garage door rolls up, then the vertical segment of the tracks should be upright. Also, check to make sure that tracks on both sides are at the same height. Slight misalignments could be the source of all trouble. If the height is not the same on both tracks, loosen the screws and be careful not to remove them from their original position. Now move the tracks into position carefully, tighten the screws again and use the level tool to check whether they are properly aligned.

Polish the tracks

Lastly, check for any hardware that may be loose on the garage door and tighten it. If your garage uses a swing-up door, check to see whether the screws on the wall where the spring is mounted are tight. If so, complete the process by using a concentrated household cleaner to polish the tracks and remove any hardened grease and dirt. Don't forget to wipe the whole mechanism dry and oil it to avoid rusting.

If you need help, contact a contractor who performs garage door repairs in your area.


8 July 2019

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