2 Common Garage Door Issues and How You Can Fix Them


If you have a garage roller door or one that swings out and then slides up onto the roof of the garage, you need to understand how these operate and what to expect by way of malfunctioning and needed repairs. In some cases, a roller door or swing out door that doesn't open or close properly may only need a quick fix, but in other cases, you may be looking at the replacement of certain parts. Note a few common reasons for garage doors to malfunction and how these are addressed.

The door keeps getting stuck

This type of malfunction is very common for any door that runs along a track if the track is bent or uneven. Note the track on the side of your garage for a roller door or the garage ceiling for an overhead door. Is it pulling away from its fasteners? If so, the door doesn't have a smooth path and may get stuck. You may be able to tighten the screws, and the door will work again. If the fastener has developed severe rust, the rust can get in the way of the door, causing it to get stuck. Some lubricant or rust cleaner can address this.

If the tracks are not the problems, note the wheels on the garage door itself. If they have come loose or one doesn't spin, this can be the problem. A loose wheel or caster can mean the door doesn't slide easily in the track, and one that doesn't spin may have rust on the inside or is otherwise broken. You can change this yourself and get the door working again.

The door won't move at all

If the door doesn't open or close at all, then chances are it's the chain or spring that is the problem. Roller doors are operated by chains that pull them up so they can fold into the housing above the garage door frame, and overhead doors have a spring that works the same way.

If you have an automatic opener, note if you can hear any type of humming. This means the door is getting power, but the parts that move it are not working. For a roller door that isn't automatic, if you can push it up or pull it down even a little and there is a bit of movement, this often means the chain is stuck or a link is broken. Have a repair person address this problem, as these parts can be dangerous to replace by yourself.


30 October 2018

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