A Few Tips for Maintaining Your Home's Automatic Garage Door Opener


A high-quality automatic garage door opener should last for many years before it needs any type of major repairs, but making an effort to keep that opener in good condition on a daily basis will help ensure that it lasts as long as possible before you need to call a repairperson or shop for a new opener. Note a few quick tips for maintaining your home's automatic garage doors and avoiding unnecessary repair bills.

Keep the batteries fresh

If the remote for your home's garage door opener works, you may assume that its batteries are fully charged. This isn't always true, as batteries can slowly drain and get weaker and weaker before they actually die. As this happens, the electrical components in the motor of the garage door opener may struggle to work, as they get a weak or intermittent signal to open or close the door. In turn, this can cause excessive wear and tear on those electrical parts. Keep the batteries in your remote clicker or the fob on your key chain fully charged to avoid this risk.

Adjust the force sensitivity

The force sensitivity of a garage door refers to how much force needs to be applied to the door for it to stop closing. This is a safety mechanism that protects anyone or anything that might be in the path of the door. However, if that force mechanism is not sensitive enough, the door might keep pushing against an obstruction, which can cause wear on its chains or springs, and on the electrical parts. Test this sensitivity by holding your hand under the door as it lowers, with just enough force to try to stop the door. If it continues to move, this sensitivity may need adjusting.

Don't push or pull it

If you're in a hurry, you don't want to push your home's automatic garage door open or pull it closed. This can put undue pressure on the electrical components of its motor, as the door may read this force as an obstruction. The motor may then try to shut down, and this causes added wear and tear on its inner workings. The chains or spring that work the door may also not wind or unwind as they should when you try to force the door to operate too quickly, and this can also put stress on these pieces. If you need the door to operate faster than normal, consider investing in a rapid roll door, such as is installed at commercial facilities.


11 April 2018

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