Choosing the Most Suitable Tilt Garage Door Openers


Tilt garage doors are a popular choice among homeowners due to their unique appearance. These types of garage doors feature a single flat panel which swings upwards and outwards (tilting movement) to open the door. This tilting movement makes these types of garage doors easy to operate and fast opening. However, tilt garage doors must have compatible tilt garage door openers to function well. Because tilt garage doors feature single flat panels, their openers may sometimes be referred to as panel garage door openers.

Different brands and models of tilt garage door openers are available in today's market: This makes choosing openers that will be suitable for your garage door a difficult task. So, how do you go about choosing suitable garage door openers? Read on for some tips:


You need to make sure that the tilt garage door openers you intend to buy are compatible with your garage door. For instance, check the maximum weight the opener can lift against the weight of your garage door. If you buy openers that cannot support the weight of your garage door, they may not function well.


The warranty period being offered on a garage door opener is a good indicator of its durability. It's advisable to choose openers which have a five year and above warranty. This means that they can be relied on, and you will therefore not have to shop for openers anytime soon.

The popularity and reputation of the brand

It's advisable to choose garage door openers from a reliable manufacturer. This is because a brand's good reputation is often built on the experiences of its customers. You are, therefore, more likely to get value for your money when you choose reliable manufacturers. Garage door technicians can offer you advice on the best brands.


Different tilt garage door openers usually have a variety of features that may be specific to a particular type of opener. It is, therefore, your obligation to determine which features would be most suitable for you. For instance, you may be interested in the convenience of an auto-close mode feature, or maybe an opener that features an anti-collision safety sensor would be ideal for you.

Tilt garage doors have a number of benefits; they can make your home secure without compromising on style. Choosing the most suitable tilt garage door openers will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a tilt garage door in a convenient manner.


23 March 2018

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