Are Sliding Gates Suitable For Your Garage?


You may not consider your garage doors as an integral part of the architectural style of your home, but due to their considerable size, they inadvertently end up influencing the kerb appeal of your property. Therefore, rather than electing to install garage doors that are plain but affordable, it is essential to also factor in the style of the doors to make sure that they complement the appearance of your home. The most common designs that you will come across when in search of new garage doors will typically be canopy doors or roller doors. But if you want something unique and will set your residence apart from your neighbours' houses, you may want to think out of the box and choose sliding gates. Here are some reasons why sliding garage doors will be a suitable addition to your house.

Sliding garage doors come in numerous materials

A great benefit of sliding garage doors is that you will not be limited to a few options when it comes to selecting material. Since the structure of these doors is quite simple in design, it allows them to be easily manufactured from whatever building supply that will best complement the siding of your home. So whether you prefer the rustic appearance of timber garage doors or prefer the new-age appeal of fibreglass, you are guaranteed of getting sliding gates made from your material of choice.

Sliding garage doors accord you flexibility in design

Another pro of choosing sliding gates for your garage is that you break free from the monotony of one singular door. Since sliding garage doors open and close sideways, the manufacturers can be more creative with the structure of the doors. Individuals who like the convenience of bifold doors can opt for this design as it allows you to partially open and close the garage doors as you see fit. On the other hand, if you want double doors that can be opened and closed individually, you could also opt for this design!

Sliding garage doors will save space on your property

Although garages are supposed to provide you with the convenience of quickly sheltering your vehicle from the elements, your choice of doors could significantly impede your access to the garage. For example, canopy doors that open by going up and over will need a substantial amount of leeway between the garage and the street. If you do not have a long driveway, sliding gates will be a more practical solution for your home.


23 March 2018

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